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Easy to love at a price that’s hard to resist. Buy one or buy a few and make every space where you sit more convenient. Light and easy to move around with removable tray top, handy for serving snacks


You can use the removable tray for serving.

The tray’s edges make it easy to carry and reduces the risk of glasses or bowls sliding off.

The design makes it easy to put the tray back after use since you place it directly on the table frame without having to fit it into any holes.

The surface is durable and easy to clean, since it’s made from powder-coated steel.

You can easily lift and move the entire table, for example from the sofa to the reading chair.

IKEA GLADOM Tray table, black, 17 1/2x20 5/8 "

Out of Stock
  • Height: 20 5/8 "

    Diameter: 17 1/2 "


* All products are delivered unassembled. Please contact us for assembly service.

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