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Extra room above the top shelf where you can keep your books, CDs or DVDs. The side panels act as bookends and keep everything in place.


You can adjust the shelves to fit different things, and adjust them again whenever you need to.

Adjustable shelves help you use your space more efficiently.


Fits MICKE desk 41⅜x19⅝"


When the add-on unit is placed on top of a desk, the whole combination must be placed against a wall to avoid the risk of tipping.


This product has been developed and tested for domestic use.

IKEA MICKE Add-on unit, black-brown, 41 3/8x25 5/8”

  • Width: 41 3/8 "

    Depth: 6 1/4 "

    Height: 25 5/8 "

* All products are delivered unassembled. Please contact us for assembly service.

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