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The thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

Durable, stain resistant and easy to care for since the rug is made of synthetic fibers.

Use STOPP anti-slip underlay under the entire rug for increased safety.

You will need 2 STOPP anti-slip underlays (26½x78¾") for this rug. Trim or fold if necessary

The rug is machine-woven.

IKEA GORLOSE Rug, low pile, black/white4 ' 4 "x6 ' 5 "

  • Length: 

    6 ' 5 "


    4 ' 4 "


    ½ "


    27.88 sq feet

    Surface density: 

    4.75 oz/sq ft

    Pile coverage: 

    1.15 oz/sq ft

    Pile thickness: 

    ¼ "

    Pile length: 

    ¼ "

* All products are delivered unassembled. Please contact us for assembly service.

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