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The clamp on the front not only keeps your book or tablet in place, it also acts as a handle – making the holder easy to carry or hang up.

You can easily adjust the angle of the holder to your needs and activity since it can be angled in 4 different positions.

Also suitable for mobile phones/tablets up to 13”.

On the whiteboard your child can doodle, paint, write and hang up important notes with a magnet.

You simply clean the whiteboard with a damp or dry cloth.

Stands firmly on the table or shelf thanks to the anti-slip surface on the underside of the holder.

Easy to store and carry in a backpack since the holder can be folded flat.

IKEA BONSYRSA Book holder, foldable

  • Width: 21 cm

    Height: 2 cm

    Length: 28 cm

    Weight: 0.48 kg

    Package(s): 1

* All products are delivered unassembled. Please contact us for assembly service.

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